Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Movie Timeline

The Movie Timeline

"The Movie Timeline is the history of everything, taken from one simple premise: that everything you see in the movies is true - the real mixes with the fictitious, so long as it's reported in a movie somewhere..."

For example...

n the beginning... God created the heavens and the earth (The Bible)
A long time ago... Luke Skywalker and Han Solo lead a rebellion against the evil empire(Star Wars)
26,000,000,000BC Los Angeles (and everywhere else) - The Earth's crust begins to harden (Adaptation)
5,000,000BC Martians uplift apes to become intelligent as a way to preserve their own society (Quatermass and the Pit)
4,000,000BC Aliens leave monolith on Earth (2001: A Space Odyssey)
1,000,000BC Loana faces dinosaurs to be with Tumak, a caveman banished from his savage tribe, and then from her gentler group of cave people (One Million Years BC)
San Dimas, Ca - A phone box briefly arrives from the future containing Bill S Preston and Ted 'Theodore' Logan (Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure)
80,000BC A tribe of early man searches for fire (Quest For Fire)


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