Friday, March 13, 2009

Ghoulish "Fight Club" Arrests

Ghoulish "Fight Club" Arrests - March 12, 2009

"Six employees of a Texas home for mentally disabled adults have been charged with encouraging residents to fight each other. The "fight club" ring at the Corpus Christi State School was discovered by cops after investigators obtained cell phone videos showing the workers goading residents to brawl in common areas of dormitories at the state facility."

There are days when I just don't think that I can take the worry about my kids' futures.

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teeni said...

People are sometimes the worst animal of all. Sad. Things like this make me glad I don't have children but I worry for all of you who do. I can only hope this is a rare and isolated event.

Jen said...

At the very least I think that it's becoming a bit more rare...I think that generally in a lot of parts of the world care has increased, but it's still an uphill battle.