Friday, November 21, 2008

Kyle Dutter

Kyle was a 12 year old autistic boy who loved Halloween.

About Us:

"House is decorated, and I am choosing between a Ghost (of course) a
skeleton, or a pirate captain this year...

I got a new bike (see pics) THANKS DARSEY!

I go to the Halloween store every other evening."

Kyle was murdered by his father this week.

My heart goes out to his surviving family.

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Anonymous said...

There is much violence against autistics.

People wishing to know more about autism spectrum disorders can download the free Autism Spectrum Podcasts issued by Midnight in Chicago at

One is entitled "Autism and Bullying: Parts I & II."

The others touch on abuse of autisics although they are mostly aimed at helping parents and educators and autistics themselves better understand autism.

Jen said...

It doesn't sound like his father killed him because he was autistic, but because his depression and long-term financial difficulties became too much to handle.

While I don't think that's an excuse by any stretch of the imagination, I would hate to think that people would think that autism is such a desperate condition that it ends in murder.

I think that this is a tragedy because a child and father died, but I don't think that you can lay this one at the feet of autism.

teeni said...

So sad. He was a cute kid.

Anonymous said...

I went to Kyle's school. He was in my gym class. He was such a cute little boy. This is such a tragedy.

Jen said...

I'm so sorry- it seems like he was a very great kid.

You have my sympathies on your loss.