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On This Day: Witold Pilecki Allows Himself to be Captured by the Nazis

On This Day: Witold Pilecki Allows Himself to be Captured by the Nazis
On September 19, 1940, Witold Pilecki, deliberately got himself arrested by the Nazis and sent to Auschwitz, where he spent two years supplying Allied forces with information about the concentration camp.

Witold's Report

Witold Pilecki

And his death


Witold Pilecki escaped from Auschwitz on the Easter Monday 1943, he also survived the Warsaw Uprising an the German POW camp in Germany.

He returned to Poland after the war and started organizing resistance
against the communists.

When he learnt that the Allies would not help to liberate Poland from the Soviets he started demobilizing the military underground organization.

It was then, that the communists arrested him.

He was interrogated and tortured for many months. His finger nails were pulled out and his collarbones broken and he could hardly walk.

He never talked.

After his process, which was a simple farce, he was sentenced to death by a firing squad.

There was no firing squad though.

The executioners dragged him the basement of the Security Headquarters building, into the boiler room.

He was gagged and could not walk.

They shot him with a single slug into the back of his head. He was buried somewhere on the rubbish tip next to the Powazki Cemetery.

His body was never found."

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