Monday, January 07, 2008

I love TED talks

TED | Talks | Gever Tulley: 5 dangerous things you should let your kids do (video)

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Chris said...

J, this is great. I just learned about TED this year because a friend attended after he invented a device to make bone marrow harvest easier. I was letting my 12 year old drive in a parking lot when he drove into a 3 foot deep hole where they were repairing pipes! Luckilly it's a Jeep and drove right out! C

Jen said...

Hey- it could have been worse! My mom drove the family truck right into the lake when she was about 12 :-)

I thought that this was a great talk- I really believe that we are trying to keep our kids so "safe" that we're preventing them from having some great experiences as a society. Although I'm not sure that spear chucking in the backyard with autistic kids is the way to go for us!

Canada's in the midst of a national frenzy right now trying to decide whether to mandate helmets for tobogganing...yes, the one or two kids who die from head injuries sledding a few times a year are a tragedy, but I'm sure that a lot more kids are injured every year from falling down stairs or walking across the street. Life is a risk, to some extent, but then again I've never had to try to deal with a brain injury that could have been prevented by a helmet.

I love the TED talks- whenever I have some free browsing time I try to watch one or two, and they definitely open up new horizons for me. That's very impressive about your friend...we've had a couple of little friends who needed bone marrow transplants, and anything that can help make the process easier for donors is a wonderful thing!